Masque chirurgical
Masque chirurgical
Masque chirurgical
Masque chirurgical

2R - Surgical mask

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Masque chirurgical THF type IIR

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Surgical mask THF type IIR

Sold by box of 50. Price for 1 box.


Mask with very high filtration efficiency.

Multi-layer mask resistant to human fluids at 120mmHg pressure.

Tiled pleats, white, blue or green exterior.

Anatomical folding to perfectly fit the contours of the face.

Anti-fog nose bar.

2 large and comfortable elastics.

Very soft non-woven polypropylene bias.

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Test data

Filtration efficiency (BFE = Bacterial Filtration Efficiency): Required level > 98 % - Average = 99,9

Delta P: Required level < 49 Pa/cm2 - Average = 39,62 Pa/cm2

SPLASH Resistance: Required level >= 120 mmHg - Average = Pass at 120 mmHg

Evaluation of the initial microbial contamination according to EN14683:2014 and EN11737: 2006


Fitting the mask

Pre-form the nose clip. Adapt it to the shape of the nose by stretching the bottom of the mask under the chin

Position the elastics behind the ears. While holding the nose bridge, adjust the bottom of the mask under the chin

For a perfect seal, make sure it fits the shape of the face


Precautions for use

Once in place, the mask must not be touched.

Remove it by touching only the elastics and throw it in a closed trash can.

Then wash your hands with a hydroalcoholic gel or with water and soap.

Duration of use: 4 hours.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture.


Data sheet

17,5 cm
9 cm
Complies with Directive 93/42/EEC CE CLASS 1, amended by Directive 2007/47/EC. Protection against minor risks, compliant with EN13485 - EN14683 - EN14971 – ISO9001. CE certified.
Face externe
water-repellent spunbound polypropylene
Face interne
polypropylene meltblown + spunbond compound